cj pais

garden status

🟢 - Kale
There is enough kale to probably have something with kale.
🟢 - Leafy greens (unidentified)
Healthy amount, good for sandwiches.
🟢 - Amara greens
Thriving and needs to be picked soon to avoid flowering.
🟢 - Bok choy
There are three heads ready to harvest.
🟢 - Rainbow Mizuna
Enjoyable purple mustard-like green with a delicious flavor.
🟡 - Broccolini
Can be used but in smaller quantities.
🟡 - Romaine
There's a healthy amount of romaine, enough for a salad or sandwiches.
🟡 - Potatoes
Potatoes are emerging but require another 2-3 months.
🟡 - Thai basil
Seeds were recently sown.
🟡 - Chioga beets
Seeds were recently sown.
🟡 - Golden beets
Seeds were recently sown.
🟡 - Sorrel
Seeds were recently sown.
🔴 - Spinach
The spinach is doing poorly.

latest photo


The photo shows a joyous moment where a person with red and black braids and dramatic makeup is laughing while embracing someone else at what appears to be a festive gathering. The person is wearing a sheer white garment with red fabric around the neck. Several hands are visible around them, suggesting a group hug or a shared celebration. The environment suggests an indoor setting with black walls and red decorations in the background. At the top, there is a digital status bar displaying the time as '9:10' and various icons such as signal strength and battery level are visible. A portion of the screen displays the location as 'Los Angeles, California'.