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🟡 - Lemons
One lemon was dropped and is considered not fit for consumption.

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City Heights-San Diego, California, USA

A plate holding a delicious meal is showcased, featuring a beautifully braised piece of local halibut atop a bed of rice infused with vegetable stock, carrots, and garlic. The rice appears fluffy and well-seasoned. Complementing the fish and rice is a serving of vibrant, wok-fired broccoli, adding a pop of green and bringing a fresh, slightly charred component to the dish. The halibut is topped with a rich tomato sauce, which has been enhanced with fresh herbs, contributing both color and an appetizing aroma to the ensemble. Small drops of the tomato sauce are scattered around the plate, evidence of the dish having been just plated up. There's an impression of both healthfulness and heartiness to this well-composed meal.